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Efficient. Prompt dynamic widespread services.

Our fleet of over thirty ecological refrigerated motor vehicles ensures every day the freshness of the produce we distribute. Our widespread and rapidity together with the high organization and technological level of our headquarters guarantee an integrated and efficient supply chain..

In December 2013 started the new Frozen Foods Division with a wide variety of products. We guarantee the delivery within 24 hours from the order of frozen vegetables, side dishes, ice creams, pizzas, meat and fish.

It is our core-business. It’s divided into two sub-activities:

  • Direct negotiation at the point of sales
  • Negotiation on behalf of partner-companies

Our working way mainly relies upon our agents’ well-established skill which after 25 years still represents the key of our success. We commercialize Fresh produce their duration never exceeding 15 days on the average. Cold cuts, aged and DOP cheeses as well as fish and gourmet products enrich our product range.

Orders sent by hand-held computers are re-transmitted in real time by remote computers so that we can deliver the goods within the following 24 hours. The commercialized produce generally keep between 15 and 90 days.

We supply both inbound and outbound logistics services:

  • Inbound Logistics (Transit Point): we put at disposal a logistics platform duly refrigerated for the produce storage. The respect of all the regulations in force is one of our points of strength.

  • Outbound Logistics: tanks to our vehicles we offer the possibility of delivering goods and distributing produce to the CE.DI, the LSD or Organized Distribution points of sales, the Normal Trade and the HORECA channel.