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Environmental Impact

Our company is engaged in the reduction of the impact of its production processes on the environment. Therefore, starting from November 2010 our headquarters in Via Melibeo are powered by solar energy. Thanks to the employment of more than 400 solar panels over 50% of the energy needed for the refrigeration facilities is presently home-produced by photovoltaic process. The devices also allow to reduce the CO2 emissions produced by fossil fuels by about 65 tons CO2 per year.

Leaf Meter

By Leaf Meter we transform our engagement for environmental sustainability into a concrete value. The production of renewable energy and the reduction of polluting emissions are measured in real time, thus ensuring efficiency of the plant as well as respect of the expected performances. This is the starting point of a path towards a possible future which is heritage of us all.

Ecological Vehicles

In order to be always at the forefront in respecting the EU norms about emissions into the atmosphere our vans have an average age of about 3 years.

Moreover, about 20% of our vehicles are methane-powered. Compared to an equivalent diesel-powered engine a natural gas-powered engine has a lower production of 50% carbon monoxide (CO), 80% hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxide (NOx). Furthermore sulfur dioxide and particulate are almost completely absent. The most possible ecological vehicles are our concrete engagement for the environmental safeguard.

Reduction of the environmental impact
400 solar panels
50% home produced energy
65 t. CO2 less/year
Efficiency with Leaf Meter facility
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